Herb Thomas & Associates
We provide results in a way that inspires and maintains trust.

Fiduciary Services

fiduciary & home careWelcome to Herb Thomas and Associates. We are a private fiduciary services firm, specializing in a broad range of financial and care management services for seniors and people with disabilities. We sometimes work with public and private agencies in the delivery of those services. Our primary goal is to meet the lifetime financial and well-being needs of our clients who are located throughout California.



Why Herb Thomas And Associates?

A number of factors distinguish us from other private fiduciary firms. These include our breadth and depth of services and the regular personal contact we have with our clients. In addition, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, benefits advocacy, taxes, and investments. We look forward to discussing any of our services with you. Our services include: Trust Administration; Special Needs Trust; Medi–Cal & Social Security Advocacy; Conservatorships; Guardianships; Daily Money Management.

Fiduciary Services

fiduciary servicesSince our founding, we have made a commitment to financial loyalty for all of our clients. The range of our service is a manifestation of that commitment. We offer our clients a distinctive blend of fiduciary services, which include the management of client assets in a trustee and agent role, advocacy of public benefits (i.e. Medi-Cal, Social Security), and advice on local community programs (i.e. energy savings, housing, etc.).

In the course of our work, we are often called to serve as family advisors on financial matters as well as a host of personal issues in which our experience and judgment enables us to play a constructive role. For a few families, these relationships have transcended generations. For others, the relationships have only recently begun.