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What is a conservator?

San Francisco / East Bay ConservatorshipA conservator is a person who is appointed by a probate court after a court hearing and is given power and responsibility to handle some or all of another individual's financial and/or medical affairs.

The probate court may appoint a conservator when an individual is unable to handle his or her financial and personal affairs effectively. If the individual (the conservatee) is not the petitioner (to the courts), it must be shown that he or she is wasting money, disregarding upkeep of property, not spending sufficient money for his or her own care needs or the needs of any dependents.

What are the conservator’s responsibilities?

The conservator has a responsibility to spend and invest the money for the benefit of the conservatee. The conservator can decide where the conservatee lives and certain health care decisions. How complicated serving as conservator will be and how much time it will take depend on a number of factors: asset types, property value, the individual's needs, whether there are dependents, and the extent of cooperation among family members.

In the event that there aren't any responsible adults willing to serve as guardians or conservators for persons, who by reason of advanced age, illness or physical infirmity, are unable to manage their property, or are unable to provide for themselves or others dependent upon them for support, a conservator may be appointed by the courts to serve in such a capacity.

We at Herb Thomas and Associates are trained, registered, and licensed fiduciaries who know the specific court approved powers and responsibilities we have and how to fulfill our duties by serving your loved ones as professional conservators.