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Daily Money Management Services

Sometimes you just need help with the day-to-day…

Daily Money MangementAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, 500,000 older people in the United States need help with their financial affairs. It's no surprise then that seniors can easily become overwhelmed with the piles of medical statements and other mail that they can accumulate in a short time. On top of that, insurance and medical statements are often confusing and can appear contradictory. This leads to frustration and anxiety on the part of seniors. We can help.

When a client wishes, we will:

  • Organize and track financial and medical insurance records
  • Establish a budget
  • Help with check writing and checkbook balancing
  • Serve as a representative payee or fiduciary with authority to administer the benefits of people who can’t manage their own financial affairs
  • Provide financial planning services
  • File tax forms for household employees

At Herb Thomas and Associates, we know that this kind of financial management provides peace of mind for both the client and his or her family.