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Trust Services and Estate Administration

What we provide as a trustee:

Trustee ServicesWe take on the responsiblity for managing all of the property owned by a trust for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries, including special needs trusts beneficiaries. We marshal all assets, insure that they are properly titled, identify tax liabilities and ensure that all required taxes are paid.  For example, if the trust consists of bank and investment accounts, then as Trustee we will oversee these accounts. Or, if the trust owns rental real estate, we will manage the rental property.  We also take care of distributions and/or disbursements for trust beneficiaries.  Our exact duties as the trustee will vary based on what assets are owned by the trust. We provide reports to clients as requested or on a quarterly or yearly basis.

We are experts at ensuring compliance with all social security rules and regulations so that beneficiaries receive the maximum benefit.

What we provide as an estate administrator:

Estate AdministratorBecause of the knowledge and experience that we have acquired, we are often asked to serve as executors of estates for families who are not familiar with the process. We become responsible for the administration of the Estate's assets.

Often, our role is to attend to all aspects of the settlement of an estate, including disposition of real estate and other assets, and preparation of estate tax returns. This may include identifying and gathering all assets, paying off all liabilities as well as required taxes and making timely and accurate distributions to beneficiaries.

We are here to help. We provide results in a way that inspires and maintains trust. Give us a call to discuss your specific need.